I’m wondering why the prosecution in the George Zimmerman trial did not make a strong point that George Zimmerman had other alternatives than killing this kid. A shot to the shoulder or someplace other than his vitals. It’s hard to say in the heat of the moment when his head is being banged on the concrete but I can’t help but think that Zimmerman was sporting a Rambo mentality and had a deep seated motive to use the power of his gun in some way. I’m not seeing a lot of remorse on his part. Is he not sorry that he has taken a human life whether accidental or in fear of his own life. I think there are a lot of unspoken issues that still linger from this trial and I’m not exhonerating Trevon Martin.  Treyvon could have just hurried to his home and walked in the door. Incident over.  My hope is that those who have been hurt can move on, leaving anger behind.

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