You Better Buy Gold!!

Ben Bernanke and the Fed decided to continue to purchase US Treasuries at the rate of $85,000,000,000 per month, month after month.  How do they do it? By cranking up the printing presses, flooding the country with little pieces of paper that become more and more worthless.  How much is $85,000,000,000.00.  My modest home recently appraised for $200K.  I could buy 425,000 of my homes for $85 billion, and that’s EVERY month, month after month.  Now, printing the money wouldn’t be so bad if there was something to back up the value of this worthless fiat paper such as gold, which is still the standard upon which the value of the American dollar is based.  In order to keep from devaluing our currency the Feds would have to match dollar for dollar the printing volume with hard gold being placed in the vaults at Fort Knox.  How much gold is $85 Billion.  At today’s spot price of gold of $1365.00 per ounce that would be 6.20,000,000, that’s 6.2 million ounces of gold.  Do you hear anything about the Central Bank putting 6.2 million ounces of gold in the vaults at Fort Knox?  I don’t.  You think the tech bubble was bad?  You think the housing bubble was bad?  They were puny compared to what the feds are setting this country up for. When you become sick from eating rotten food you get rid of it by throwing up.  America’s financial system will eventually have to throw up to survive and when that happens the folks who hold gold and silver will be financially secure.

Go out and buy silver and then laugh it off.

Woman goes to the doctor complaining about shortness of breath and the doctor says.   “You’re too fat.”                                                                                                                          The woman says.                                                                                                                     “I want a second opinion.”

The Doctor says:

“OK, you’re ugly too.”

America is still the greatest country in the world


What is your exit strategy from mortality?

I am forming a strategy for exiting mortality by watching my father-in-law.  Wess Mecham is 88 years old and is suffering from the debilitating effects of Parkinson’s Disease, coupled with 88 years of being mortal.  He has every right to complain and whine about how unfair life is and why his problems are somebody else’s fault.  Doesn’t happen.  He has always loved to laugh and loved to make others laugh, pulling from a repertoire of jokes that would make Bob Hope jealous.  He still loves to bring laughter into the room even though the disease has made it increasingly difficult to talk.  One favorite joke he repeated again today (he’s beginning to repeat himself more often of late, but you know what, it’s ok), I’d like to share.

Farmer responds to an ad from a farmer down the road who had a mule for sale.  He traveled to the sellers home and checks out the mule and asks if there is anything wrong with it.                                                                                                                                       “Well He don’t look too good,”  The first farmer replied.

After looking him over the second farmer said.

“He looks fine to me,” and so he purchased the mule.

Two days later the man who sold the mule receives a phone call from the farmer who bought the mule.                                                                                                                       “This mule is blind!”  he exclaimed.

“I told you he didn’t look too good,” came the answer.

I want to leave life laughing at jokes and myself, crying about the suffering in the world, whining about selfish politicians and praying that I have made someone’s life better by living.  My Father-in-law is my example of how to laugh my way through life.

Two days ago John Kerry, in very eloquent and clear terms, set the stage for The United States of America to take action against the worlds newest mass murderer.  Yesterday and today our illustrious Waffler in Chief threw America and John Kerry under the bus by  saying any decision to take action against the Asaad regime would not be taken without approval by congress.  Smart political move.   He, once again, showed his favorite color (yellow) by passing the buck to congress and he will be able to say “It’s Congress’ fault.”  Our incompetent narcissist president threw America and John Kerry under the bus.  He also tried to defend his credibility, of which he has none, by pinking out the red line he so adamantly spoke of.

Taking this Syrian Murderer out is not about regime change, it’s about killing anyone who will use WMD’s to kill innocent men, women and children.  A surgical strike could and should be made and then we’re out of there.  If there is a regime change, it should be clear to the next government, you go ahead and kill each other, as you have for two thousand years or more, but if you use chemical weapons we won’t stand idly by.


Fifty Shades of Morality?

Today I read the headline that Dakota Johnson will star in the movie depicting the steamy content of E L James’ Fifty Shades of Gray. I found myself reading the comments at the end of the article and found it interesting that, of the forty or so comments I read, all of them blasted the poor writing style, and grammar as well as the pornographic content. I was intrigued that not one of the comments I read defended the book, its content or the author E L James. Were they too embarrassed to speak up, too busy or otherwise distracted? As I write I’m wondering why I even take the time to comment on this article and I’ve decided it’s because, as a writer, I chose early what the parameters would be that guided my writing. Those parameters, dictated by my value system, would not move to meet the demands of publishers or editors or my readership. The Content Editor for “Blind Revenge,” my novel, suggested I add strong language i.e profanity here and there in the novel as well as “spice” up the relationships of the characters with something erotic. I will not do that. No doubt my rigid stance will cost me in terms of marketing. E L James has achieved, in her writing, what all writers want and that is to see that the public will pay good money to read what you put in print. My congratulations to her. Engaging writing is an art and for some it is a gift. Not so with me. I work hard to find the right words to make the difference between the firefly effect or the lightning effect and it is not easy. Scenes that draw in the reader, make him or her a part of the setting with a connection to the characters requires thinking, sitting and thinking, writing and rewriting then writing again, struggling to find the right words. Writing to the dark side is easy. It takes no talent to describe erotic scenes, to pull a readers mind to the carnal nature. I would hope that when a reader finishes a part or all of what I have put on the page before them, they will feel better about themselves and what they do after they lay Blind Revenge down. I wonder where the readers of Fifty Shades of Gray go and what they do when they lay the book aside.  When it comes to morality, there are no degrees or levels or shades.