Fifty Shades of Morality?

Today I read the headline that Dakota Johnson will star in the movie depicting the steamy content of E L James’ Fifty Shades of Gray. I found myself reading the comments at the end of the article and found it interesting that, of the forty or so comments I read, all of them blasted the poor writing style, and grammar as well as the pornographic content. I was intrigued that not one of the comments I read defended the book, its content or the author E L James. Were they too embarrassed to speak up, too busy or otherwise distracted? As I write I’m wondering why I even take the time to comment on this article and I’ve decided it’s because, as a writer, I chose early what the parameters would be that guided my writing. Those parameters, dictated by my value system, would not move to meet the demands of publishers or editors or my readership. The Content Editor for “Blind Revenge,” my novel, suggested I add strong language i.e profanity here and there in the novel as well as “spice” up the relationships of the characters with something erotic. I will not do that. No doubt my rigid stance will cost me in terms of marketing. E L James has achieved, in her writing, what all writers want and that is to see that the public will pay good money to read what you put in print. My congratulations to her. Engaging writing is an art and for some it is a gift. Not so with me. I work hard to find the right words to make the difference between the firefly effect or the lightning effect and it is not easy. Scenes that draw in the reader, make him or her a part of the setting with a connection to the characters requires thinking, sitting and thinking, writing and rewriting then writing again, struggling to find the right words. Writing to the dark side is easy. It takes no talent to describe erotic scenes, to pull a readers mind to the carnal nature. I would hope that when a reader finishes a part or all of what I have put on the page before them, they will feel better about themselves and what they do after they lay Blind Revenge down. I wonder where the readers of Fifty Shades of Gray go and what they do when they lay the book aside.  When it comes to morality, there are no degrees or levels or shades.

1 thought on “Fifty Shades of Morality?

  1. Bob, I of course applaud you for your choice of writing style. I fully agree with you that it takes a true writer to write in your style as opposed to the “trash’ that some authors spew forth in the name of the art. Keep up the good work.

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