What is your exit strategy from mortality?

I am forming a strategy for exiting mortality by watching my father-in-law.  Wess Mecham is 88 years old and is suffering from the debilitating effects of Parkinson’s Disease, coupled with 88 years of being mortal.  He has every right to complain and whine about how unfair life is and why his problems are somebody else’s fault.  Doesn’t happen.  He has always loved to laugh and loved to make others laugh, pulling from a repertoire of jokes that would make Bob Hope jealous.  He still loves to bring laughter into the room even though the disease has made it increasingly difficult to talk.  One favorite joke he repeated again today (he’s beginning to repeat himself more often of late, but you know what, it’s ok), I’d like to share.

Farmer responds to an ad from a farmer down the road who had a mule for sale.  He traveled to the sellers home and checks out the mule and asks if there is anything wrong with it.                                                                                                                                       “Well He don’t look too good,”  The first farmer replied.

After looking him over the second farmer said.

“He looks fine to me,” and so he purchased the mule.

Two days later the man who sold the mule receives a phone call from the farmer who bought the mule.                                                                                                                       “This mule is blind!”  he exclaimed.

“I told you he didn’t look too good,” came the answer.

I want to leave life laughing at jokes and myself, crying about the suffering in the world, whining about selfish politicians and praying that I have made someone’s life better by living.  My Father-in-law is my example of how to laugh my way through life.

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