Relax and enjoy the Obamacare Titanic

Republicans need to relax and watch this monstrosity implode. Common Sense, of which liberals are void, is broadcasting with a clear and decisive clarion call that the future of this poorly written, superficially understood, and ill fated law starts tomorrow on its rapid descent to join the Hindenburg. It will not take any action on the part of politicians in Washington to hasten the laws demise. It is an unmanageable monster of such cumbersome facets that even the IRS, especially the IRS, will find themselves in more water than they can tread. The affordable Care Act is doomed and the biggest losers will be the American citizens it was intended to support. The idealogy of liberalism operates in a vacuum where reality repeatedly has the proverbial door slammed in her face. Classic Example: Funding $400M of our money to Solyndra. If producing solar energy as proposed by this behmouth of failure, was a viable project, private industry would have made it succeed. Not so. Liberalism is a mental disorder!!

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