Get humans off the earth!!!

I have to sit back, relax, let my blood pressure subside and recall reason and coolness back into my psyche when I read of the trend to elevating animals to human level.  To Ellen Degeneres and company, and posters of  the billboard on California Highway 38 which reads “Animals are people too,” animals are on the same level as humans.  Little snuffy should be given all of the same rights and people.  I, long ago, bought into the cliche that a dog is mans best friend, as evidence by the relationship my recently deceased father-in-law held with his little companion Buddy.  Buddy was Grandpa’s true companion and gave him hours and hours of pleasure.  All that is to say that we love our pets and it is not wrong to take care of them but the day a coyote or a bear or a cougar threatens one of my pets or one of my grandchildren by trespassing on my property it is fair game to the muzzle of my shotgun or my hunting rifle.  I will kill a coyote that is in my yard that does not run when I spook or make overtures to scare it off.  It’s refusal to respond to threatening gestures on my part is a signal that it is not afraid of me, which it should be, and needs a severe attitude adjustment, an adjustment which could range anywhere from a rock thrown in its direction to a blast from the muzzle of my deer rifle.  A bear that finds itself in my refrigerator has violated my space and I will send it to the promised land with a slug and a prayer and the remnants of a hot dog in its mouth.  And yes, I do love animals but they are not human.