The disappearance of Isolationism

“The World is Flat” proclaimed Michael Friedman in his book of the same name.  The advent of the internet and social media have not only “flattened” the world but have created “dinosaurs” out of isolationists.  No longer can any nation claim they exist unto themselves – unintended consequences of the advent of super technology.  No longer can fundamentalist muslims impose barbaric acts of discipline on family members without receiving international outcry condemning them.  No longer can sexual orientation be cause for persecution or personal rejection without public outcry(s) denouncing bigotry and hate…and the list goes on. One wonders if the absence of isolation has set the stage for a world where conflict is the norm rather than the exception. It will be extremely difficult if not impossible.

How can anyone stand by and tolerate the cutting off of hands or even killing of family members.  How can persons of faith be told to abandon their deep seated beliefs and shown intolerance such beliefs are expressed openly.

The myriad of social issues which expose such open conflicts will be one of this country and the worlds greatest challenges in the twenty first century and beyond.  How to balance tolerance with social injustice.


Keep The Gospel Pure

In teaching the Gospel Paul the Apostle warned the Galatians “If any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed.”  The question is how many ways could “any other gospel” be preached.  I have an opinion.  The 23rd Psalms is one of the most poetically beautiful and inspirational scriptures of ALL scriptures as written in the King James version of the Bible.  The New English version, however, alters the words, supposedly to bring them down to a human level.  For example:  “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want,” has become “The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing.”  “He restoreth my soul,” has become; “he refreshes my soul.”  And the most dissapointing; “Yea thou I walk through the valley of the shadow of death…” has become; “Even though I walk through the darkest valley…”  Why?  Why would we take the beautiful counsel as written in the language of deity which stirs the soul and change it to common human terms thus reducing to plain, flatline words.  Why we would we not hope to elevate man closer to God rather than lower God to humanistic form?  The departure of Gospel teachings away from the language of Diety is, in my opinion, a form of debasement and desecration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and does exactly what the Apostle Paul warned against.

I Want My Privacy Back!!

It’s 5:26 am and the phone rings, awakening my wife and I from much needed sleep.  It’s a courtesy call.  I tell the invisible canvasser with the heavy Indian accent what time it is and tell them to remove my number from their list.  I hang up and return to my attempt at slumber.  At 5:46 the phone rings again.  Another Indian wanting to restructure my mortgage.  Now I’m angry, and wide awake.  I hurry to write down the number so I can call them back and give them, not a piece, but all of my tormented mind.  I get the number and after I have dispatched the caller, attempt to call the number.  All circuits are busy. I go back to bed and again the phone rings.  It’s 6:05 am. Sleep is gone so I get up, go to my office where I sit and begin to read from Things That Matter (Charles Krauthammer) and I read until the urge for sleep returns so I lay down on the soft inviting mini couch that sits in my office.  No sooner do I fade off to sleep than the phone rings again.  Don’t they have clocks in India.  It’s someone from _____From America wanting to speak to Kathryn Tait  The heavy accent was unintelligible.  Now I want to shoot someone and that’s when I start writing this blog.

This experience has driven me to the conclusion that the major reason we are a nation of psychotics, especially politicians, is that we have no privacy.  Our lives are no longer our own.  Someone else always wants something from us and the only we can get away from it is to hike into the middle of the wilderness, if we can find wilderness, take Krauthammer and leave the phone at home.