The disappearance of Isolationism

“The World is Flat” proclaimed Michael Friedman in his book of the same name.  The advent of the internet and social media have not only “flattened” the world but have created “dinosaurs” out of isolationists.  No longer can any nation claim they exist unto themselves – unintended consequences of the advent of super technology.  No longer can fundamentalist muslims impose barbaric acts of discipline on family members without receiving international outcry condemning them.  No longer can sexual orientation be cause for persecution or personal rejection without public outcry(s) denouncing bigotry and hate…and the list goes on. One wonders if the absence of isolation has set the stage for a world where conflict is the norm rather than the exception. It will be extremely difficult if not impossible.

How can anyone stand by and tolerate the cutting off of hands or even killing of family members.  How can persons of faith be told to abandon their deep seated beliefs and shown intolerance such beliefs are expressed openly.

The myriad of social issues which expose such open conflicts will be one of this country and the worlds greatest challenges in the twenty first century and beyond.  How to balance tolerance with social injustice.


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