No Guarentees

“The law of heaven is presented to man, and as such guarentees toall who obey it a reward far beyond any earthly consideration; though it does not promise that the believer n every age should be exempt from the afflictions and troubles arising from different sources in consequence of the acts of wicked men on earth.”  (Joseph Smith)

My generation as a whole has lived a life relatively unscathed from war, pestilence, poverty and persecution but that may rapidly change.  I am a card carrying Mormon and as such know full well of the hate and persecution reaped upon the early adherents to my faith.  With the exodus to the rocky mountains and a chance to worship and work in peace, that persecution all but vanished and a city and a region of hard working, peace loving, God fearing people enjoyed the life every man and woman should seek.  Much of that peace and serenity, it is argued, came about because of righteous living along with the hope that as long as that, or any, society lived in righteousness, peace would prevail.

Therein lies a faint hope and weak security.  As the prophet explains, a people cannot live the laws of God in a world controlled by the laws of men and expect to see laws Gods protect them.  Basing our faith on the belief that God will protect us when we live righteously is akin to thinking that rain falls upon the earth to benefit only the righteousness. One’s faith must be based on what eternal rewards lie in store, not what is hoped to be gained in mortality by righteous living.

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