A Nation of Sheep

Andrew Lederer’s book “A Nation of Sheep” was published in 1961.  More recently Judge Andrew Napalitano published a book by the same name.  Both authors display the dangerous condition of the citizenry standing by and allowing idealougue and arrogant political leaders to slowly and effectively take away freedom.  Never in the history of the greatest nation of the world has this condition been more real than it is today.  The emotional euphoria  of electing the first African American to the worlds most powerful office overshadowed reason and logic at the ballot box.  A non American by idealogy, the charismatic Barak Obama rode this wave of euphorial (probably not a word) ignorance into the most prestigious hotel in the world.  Now, after five years of using the arrogance of executive privilege, this master narcissist has successfully fulfilled his promise of “fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

Is it too late to prevent rioting in the streets as fundamentally freedoms continue to be eroded?  The answer to that question remains to be seen.  There were other qualified African Americans who truly love America and who understood and demonstrated what true, statesmanship meant to the leadership of America.  Condolesa Rice was the perfect candidate.

I believe it’s not too late.  We have to resist the massive intrusion into our private lives by being educated and speaking out.  We cannot let this disciple of Saul Olinsky destroy this great country.

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