Live The Dream

“Little minds are tamed and subdued by misfortune, but great minds rise above them.”         Washington Irving

Although my views and the views of Barack Obama as to how to improve the lot of the downtrodden are polar opposites, there is a great lesson to be learned from his election to the highest office in the land.  That lesson:  Being poor, black, white, brown, yellow, jew, christian, muslim, or bearing any one of a myriad of other social monikers is no excuse for being “trapped” among the ranks of the downtrodden.  Every African American child in the world should take heart and cultivate a belief that after seeing Barack Hussein Obama elected President of the United States, there is nothing that should stifle their dreams.  Rick Pitino said it well; “Success is a choice.”  Being black or brown or white may not be a choice but how we play the hand we are dealt is a choice.

The biggest roadblock to overcoming poverty is the government.  In the name of helping the poor by easing access to government assistance is the most enabling principle to building the ranks of the poor.  In her book, “Uncle Sam’s Plantation” Star Parker, the inspirational African American woman who attacked and rose out of the chains of government welfare says it bluntly.  In her story, Parker describes how the welfare system is designed to keep the poor in the bondage of poverty, not free them.  Incentive is abolished and complacency is rewarded.  Young minds are conditioned to look to “the government” as their future.  Self-respect, pride, and faith in the human ability are destroyed in todays government system.

The greatest event in the history of American Politics was the election of the first African American to the highest office of the land.  The greatest tragedy in the history of the plight of the poor is that this African American was Barack Obama.


The Disastrous National Debt

“It is incumbent on every government to pay its own debt as it goes.  A principle which, if acted on would save one-half of the wars of the world.”      Thomas Jefferson

I have always been impressed with the perennial positive attitude and constant smile of my brother-in-law.  Never argumentative or negative but having the ability to state his position politically or personally in a positive clear manner.  I wondered what it was about him that kept him this way and a recent conversation revealed his secret.  We were discussing money matters and I asked him how much of a mortgage he had on his home, which would probably appraise close to a million dollars.  His response:  Mortgage?  I’ve never owed anybody anything.  Even the building where I held my dental practice, I’ve owned free and clear of debt.”  The secret to his smile is out in the open.

Never in the history of this great nation have we been saddled with a more dysfunctional government comprised of politicians who are void of moral courage.  Our nation is nearing bankruptcy yet nothing is done to reign in spending.  Approaching 18 trillion dollars, the national debt threatens to destroy the dollar and has already cast a pall across the country in the form of a stagnant economy.  Do our elected officials run their personal finances the same way they run the government?  I think not. The American smile has been wiped away by the American debt and very few have the moral courage to right the sinking ship.  The nation’s financial mismanagement is a sickness that, just like the body that has ingested spoiled food, will stimulate the vomit reflex.  Crash of the financial market is inevitable without imposing of massive taxes on the people which will have the effect of destroying an already weakened economic recovery.

Get ready for the wild ride.