The nobility of work

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”                                Thomas Edison

Every day I wake I thank a loving Heavenly Father and two loving Earthly Parents for a carefree childhood, balanced with opportunity to learn how to work.  I was raised on a farm and my character was framed in the garden, the hay field, the stable and the swimming holes along the virgin river.  We did not have very much of the worlds wealth but I did not know that.  What I knew was that the family livelihood was dependent on everyone doing their share and doing it whether we felt good or not.  I learned that the cows needed to be milked whether it was a warm and sunny day or if there was two feet of new snow on the ground, and if the cow did not get milked she would stop giving.  I learned that if the garden did not get watered when our water turn came, the corn would curl up and die.  So many a night at 1:00 am I walked the banks of the irrigation ditch with a flashlight to turn the water to our garden. Come rain, come shine, the work had to be done.  Fortunately there were no unions to tell us when we could or could not work or for how long.  There were no child advocates to tell my parents what they could or could not require of me.

I have been modestly successful in my life because my employers knew I could be depended upon to show up for work, return value for value and do my best.   I increased my income by working longer, earning promotions, expanding my skills through education…not by whining that I was getting paid enough.

The Dean of the Harvard Business School, when told by a student that he didn’t complete an assignment because he wasn’t feeling well.  The dean responded: “90% of the work in this country is done by people who don’t feel very well.:

Work has dignity and builds character and self esteem.  The idea that the government must provide opportunity for the masses is destructive to the social fiber of the most opportunity filled country in the world.  Continued preaching that government is the answer to solving our social ills holds only the promise of dethroning work as the most noble of character strands on a cataclysmic scale.

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