Chapter 2, “The Myostatin Project” Page 22

I love this description.

“Off to the south was the postcard scene that Julian had seen before, and it was one that stirred him.  Long grayish-black streamers of rain fell like a floating veil from the black thunderclouds high in the morning sky.  An occasional desert breeze carried the smell of the rain mixed with wet sage, filling his senses, consuming him, soothing his innermost passions.  There was nothing…nothing that stirred feelings of tranquility like the connection he felt to this time and place.  Julian had seen it before; the dramatic forces of nature changing the landscape as summer thunder showers sent powerful flash floods crashing through dry ravines.  His memory of the thick, brown water that rolled more than flowed, coupled with the fragrance of the wet desert, served to open a vision in Julian’s mind of the forces of nature, through eons of time, sculpting the splendor of the West.  He knew that below the dark clouds, twenty miles away, the earth was changing.

“Ever see anything like it?” he said without looking at Max.

“There is nothing like it,” Max replied.

The two men relished the moment and then continued riding along the top of the mesa.  The flat-topped mesa, which ran north and south for five miles, appeared in the rugged landscape as though it had been raised abruptly out of the earth and then shaved flat by some giant carver’s knife.  Long ridges that sloped from the top of the plateau on either side extended as fingers for five hundred yards before disappearing like narrow wedges into the desert floor.”

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