The Cackle Factory

There is a company in Lebanon Missouri called the Cackle Factory.  The Cackle Factory is a three generation, family owned company that sells baby poultry; ducks, chickens and turkeys.  Most every time a chicken lays an egg she cackles, reflecting the culmination of another great accomplishment in an otherwise boring life.

Not only does the word cackle  mean “to laugh in a noisy, sometimes harsh manner,” it also carries the connotation as a mask for insecurity; a sort of blanket, hiding what’s really behind the mask.

There was a cackle factory in today’s American presidencial campaign called Hillary Clinton.  Laying aside the massive gap in personal philosophy on the role of government between myself and Ms. Clinton, the thought of this woman cackling her way into and through four years as President of the United States was depressing beyond belief.  Ms. Clinton’s laugh can be described only one way:  abrasive.

The term “lay an egg” has a double entendre.  Most commonly referring to the near sacrificial and literal act of placing an egg in the nest, to “lay an egg” also means “to do something bad or poorly.”  It is not coincidental that Hillary Clinton cackles so often.  Her frequent cackle is merely reflective of how often she does something bad or poorly as well as the depth of her dishonesty.  When asked if she was honest when answering questions about events leading up to the disaster in Benghazi her response was “I tried to be.”  How do you “try to be” honest.  You’re either honest or you’re not.

It is unfortunate that voters had to choose between a buffoon and a prevaricator.  I choose the former.





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