About the Book

Julian Reichert stared in disbelief as the woman who called herself Angeline Reichert walked into the courtroom. It was as if time was moving one frame at a time; click, click, click when he watched this woman, an image from his past, walk to the plaintiff’s table and sit next to her attorneys. It was his sister Angeline, the Angeline he saw lowered into her grave more than thirty years earlier. Julian sat stunned and numb. This could not be! It was only when Gavin McGowan, the Veterinarian and friend of his father, took the witness stand that Julian learned of the bizarre chain of events that dropped this sister into his life where she would challenge his role as the heir to the Reichert empire. Conspiracy and murder, including two attempts on his own life, awaken Julian to the realization that his father has harbored a diabolical secret, a secret known only to the charismatic vet who stuns the court with his story.


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