The Journey into Anazasi Country

The most rewarding moments when building the story of Julian Reicherts world being turned upside down was living the setting.  In the real world, my senses are fine-tuned into the natural world around me.  I see not just the trees, but how they stand in the soil and appear looking up into the sky and the health of the leaves.  Their place in the local terrain including proximity to water including streams, whether the land is level or rolling or steep mountains and canyons.  The trip into the slick rock canyons and mystic arroyos where the spirits of the Anazasi live was euphoric.  It was euphoric because I had, at a cursory level, visited, hiked, explored and marveled at the formations of the great southwest and in particular, the dramatic views in and around the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument.  The formations are awe-inspiring and consoling.  Living and writing a story in this setting wal fulfilling, to say the least


The journey through Blind Revenge from page 1 to page 452

After seven years of taking this project seriously my story is finally in print.  My fantasy to be a writer came true as I took it seriously, sat down and began to write.  It’s amazing that I have progressed from a thirteen year old boy who sat in the fields for corn and wheat and dreamed of writing to a 71 year old man who is now in print.  Even though I let life get in the way I never gave up on the dream.  How gratifying it is to finally have done it.  The greatest endorsement and the biggest relief as to whether I have written something folks will pay money to read came in the form of a call to one of the first purchasers of Blind Revenge.  She called and wanted to purchase three more copies to give to her friends and family.

I truly feel I’m on my way.  Now, how to get the word out that Blind Revenge in an engaging and compelling story that will keep readers engaged and entertained all the way to page 452.  And it’s not just the story but the setting.  You’ll love the setting