Stress and the News

“I do not take a single newspaper nor read one a month, and I feel myself infinitely the happier for it.”                         – Thomas Jefferson

For many, including myself, the search for happiness is elusive.  Of late I have been drawn to identify influences in my “retirement” life that adversely affect my state of happiness and I’m wondering if others lives are disrupted by my disruptors.  Take a look.

1.  I come home from whatever it is my wife and I are doing and turn on fox news.  It doesn’t take long for me to start saying things to the television that I wouldn’t repeat here.  I also review periodically the “mainstream” media as a way to find “balance” in the news. Again my blood pressure starts to rise when I see the spin, spin, spin.  solution #1 Follow Thomas Jefferson’s advice.

2.  I have a see food diet.  I see food – I eat it.  I look at myself in a suit and I think, I don’t look too bad, then I look at myself in the mirror when I step out of the shower and I think, you have no discipline. Solution #2:  Stop the late night snacks.

3.  I worry about the future.  Will we ever be rid of our dysfunctional government? Will my investments be safe?  Will my children and grandchildren be obedient and happy?  Solution #3:  Play more golf.  Go fishing more often.  Act on things I can control and stop thinking about things I cannot control.  Hike more often.  Read positive messages every day.

“A mother is a person who seeing there are four pieces of pie for five people promptly announces she never did care for pie.”      Tenneve Jordan My life is intimately entwined with the lives of two mothers; my own and the mother of my children.  These amazing mothers have a solid array of common traits which reveal their unusual and rare character. 1.  They both sacrificed careers to nurture the tender lives of the children that came to them.                                                                                                                                         2. They both gave up nice things to see that their children’s needs were met.                       3.  They both gave up hours and hours of sleep to ease a sore throat or calm night fears.      4.  They both live model lives that reflected socially solid moral values and taught those values to their children.                                                                                                                      5……The list could go on forever. In a materialistic world where social status and possessions have more value than children, it is becoming increasingly rare to see women whose prime desire is to fulfill their greatest contribution to society…raising healthy children.  Mothers reign supreme!!