Betrayed Trust (edited)

“Love all, trust a few, and do wrong to none.”                                                                         William Shakespeare

I, and you, have been betrayed again.  Jonathan Gruber, an architect of the horrific Affordable Care Act, has called out the American electorate.  It is our stupidity, he says, that is to blame for passage of that bill.  What we suspected all along has been validated now that the truth is known.  The entire process was shrouded in deceit, dishonesty and extortion.

No Mr. Gruber, Mr. Obama, Ms. Pelosi, Mr. Reid, we are not stupid. We trusted you.  We trusted you to do what was best for America and you betrayed us.  We are not stupid.  While we are out supporting our families, you were cutting back room deals, shrouded in secrecy.  While we were on field trips building character in Americas youth, you were loading them up with unmanageable debt. We trusted you!  While we were teaching our youth the power of the human spirit you were robbing the national treasury, promising them free stuff. We trusted you!  While we were busy building America, you were making it weak by removing the power of self determination through economically destructive social policies. We trusted you!

Had we the time to read and study this massive health care law we would be running for office and doing what you have proven so inept at.  We are not politicians.  We are ordinary, hard working citizens who want to trust the men and women we elect to high office, men and women whom we expect to govern with integrity while we go about living our lives.  We have been betrayed.  We trusted you.

Every person has the right to hold to an ideology that drives his or her life but does an ideology that uses deception as a tool to gain its adherents have any power to benefit the human race?  Such an ideology will flounder and die as will the Affordable Health Act. Although Noble in principle it severely lacks the “character” to fulfill its mission.

Mr. Gruber, you, as a paid assassin,  are just as guilty as the politicians who paid you $400K to do the job because your intent was to deceive.  For you the end justified the means.

If Harry Reid had an ounce of integrity he would relinquish his membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  It is likely that 90% of the active, tithe paying members of the church are scratching their heads wondering how Harry Reid can remain in “good standing” in the church.  Negotiating the Cornhusker Kickback, holding up legislation for political purposes without regard for what is best for America and a myriad of other sleazy deals reveal Harry Reid to be a man without a soul.  It doesn’t compute.  We trusted you!


The Disastrous National Debt

“It is incumbent on every government to pay its own debt as it goes.  A principle which, if acted on would save one-half of the wars of the world.”      Thomas Jefferson

I have always been impressed with the perennial positive attitude and constant smile of my brother-in-law.  Never argumentative or negative but having the ability to state his position politically or personally in a positive clear manner.  I wondered what it was about him that kept him this way and a recent conversation revealed his secret.  We were discussing money matters and I asked him how much of a mortgage he had on his home, which would probably appraise close to a million dollars.  His response:  Mortgage?  I’ve never owed anybody anything.  Even the building where I held my dental practice, I’ve owned free and clear of debt.”  The secret to his smile is out in the open.

Never in the history of this great nation have we been saddled with a more dysfunctional government comprised of politicians who are void of moral courage.  Our nation is nearing bankruptcy yet nothing is done to reign in spending.  Approaching 18 trillion dollars, the national debt threatens to destroy the dollar and has already cast a pall across the country in the form of a stagnant economy.  Do our elected officials run their personal finances the same way they run the government?  I think not. The American smile has been wiped away by the American debt and very few have the moral courage to right the sinking ship.  The nation’s financial mismanagement is a sickness that, just like the body that has ingested spoiled food, will stimulate the vomit reflex.  Crash of the financial market is inevitable without imposing of massive taxes on the people which will have the effect of destroying an already weakened economic recovery.

Get ready for the wild ride.