Corporate Patriotism???

The day I heard Jack Lew use the phrase “Economic Patriotism” to describe the obligation American Corporations have to submit to excessive taxation was the day I realized how  deeply Socialism is entrenched in the current Washington administration.  Barak Obama called it “Corporate Patriotism.”

Here’s what it means.  An American corporation that is economically patriotic will, in its budgetary process, allocate a high percent of its profits to be paid directly to Washington.  This check would be above and beyond the 35 percent or so already required by law.  Although not specifically defined by either Obama or Lew, it is easy to calculate, based on their beliefs that corporations are greedy monsters which rob the populace, that as much as 80% of remaining profits should be given to the government.

Lew and Obama have redefined stupidity.  To hand a larger helping of America’s wealth over to the hyper-dysfunctional Washington administration is to take our national treasure and dump it down a rat hole.  I shake when I think of such a stupidly inane idea.

Want to know the REAL definition of Corporate patriotism?

1.  A corporation that successfully grows then invests its profits back into research and development and the local community.

2.  A corporation that creates jobs and incentivizes employee advancement through education, monetary rewards and recognition.

3.  A corporation that builds loyalty through profit sharing,

I am a simple minded person who struggles to understand why liberal idealogy cannot grasp the concept that a rising sea lifts all ships.  Government never has been, is not now, nor will it ever be capable of doing for the American citizenry what corporate American can.